Christina Novelli Beautiful Life Video Released

Christina Novelli Beautiful Life Video Released

Branded had the privilege of producing a music video for the musical sensation Christina Novelli. Working with her and her management company; Muse Music Management, Branded were approached to work on an exciting concept that brings to life the stunning vocals and tender lyrics of ‘Beautiful Life’.

Watch it here:

Preproduction saw exciting ideas come to life as the scripting and casting process got underway. Finding some wonderful talent, including the wonderful Ellie Keele who took the lead.

Christina Novelli Beautiful Life

Producing Beautiful Life

Lead by Director Charlotte Fantelli, our day began at 3am when we left our homes to arrive at the first location for hair and make-up courtesy of the mega talented Lisa Marie King, Emma Russell, Chris Ponsford and Olivier Mathis of Francesco Hair Cheltenham.

One-by-one talent was called to a clifftop location to capture the exceptional sunrise on this beautiful video. We had two crew and three cameras at the first location, plus a drone manned by the exceptionally experienced pilot Simon Wythe.

Venturing into the waves at sunrise, with full kit on shoulder, was the wonderful Jay Cox, steered by Assistant Director of the day Gabriele Fantelli, who carefully navigated the pair as they moved backwards into the open sea.

The day continued as we shot some scenes in Branded Studios, followed by a third stint of filming on a private estate in the New Forest. The filming went on late into the night – we want to give a big thank you to the residents of the estate we shot in as we made quite some disruption – what with the fabulous acting of Samantha Leverette and Phil Savill, and Phil’s interesting driving!!!

A big thank you to all cast and crew

We want to give a huge thank you, individually to everyone who helped us create this piece. From the camera men to the actors!

Charlotte Fantelli, Gabriele Fantelli, Jay Cox, Michael Santos, Ellie Keele, Samantha Leverette, Claire Farrell, Phil Savill, Chloe Farrell, Chrissie Irene, Olivier Mathis, Victoria Allen, Cole Midgley, Amber Kelly, Charlotte Fantelli, Raffaele Fantelli, Gabriele Fantelli, Daniel Shuckburgh, Jack Farrell, Chantel Smith, Isabel Ball, Phoebe Ball, Ellie-May Milligan, Joanne Allen, Alison Elaine, Luiz Moura, Simon Wythe, Christopher Ponsford, Emma Russell, Lisa Rose-King, Chris White, Cuckoos Cafe and Francesco Group Cheltenham.

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Published: 15/10/2019

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