Gentleman Driver Documentary Out Now

Gentleman Driver Documentary

Charlotte Fantelli, Founder of Branded and Director and Producer or Journey to Le Mans, has jumped back in the Le Mans Doc saddle as she assists Speed Group and Velvet Cartel on the newest and hottest Le Mans Doc of the year; Gentleman Driver.

Charlotte has been assisting the Gentleman Driver production team over the last 18 months as they have shaped the exciting, high octane adventure; telling the stories of some of the most revered Gentleman Drivers in endurance motorsport.

See the Gentleman Driver trailer here:

The Gentleman Driver – Official Trailer from The Velvet Cartel on Vimeo.

Charlotte is very proud to have helped shape the final edit to be as commercially exciting as possible. She also oversaw the sale in to Kaleidoscope distribution, the company who purchased the DVD rights to her film Journey to Le Mans.

She was originally approached by Toni Calderon who had developed the project from scratch. Impressed by the work Toni had done and with a passion for the story he was telling, Charlotte jumped on board. ‘I was very impressed with the quality of the production and Toni’s insider knowledge of the sport. I have always had a passion for the subject obviously, so I knew that combining what he had, with my experience and network of contacts; we were on to a winner.’ Charlotte stated.

‘The Gentleman Driver is different to JTLM but will appeal to same audience. It gives an excellent insight into the Gentleman Driver phenomenon as well as the psyche of these fascinating men. It keeps the excitement levels high with the fabulous cinematography, fast paced story and the great narration/interviews with THE voice of Le Mans; John Hidhaugh.’

The Gentleman Driver has exciting Worldwide release plans with a very big deal already penned – we look forward to giving further details soon. For now, our UK audience can view the doc on iTunes and Youtube Movies – links below.

Charlotte says; ‘I am very proud of this project and what has been achieved by Toni and team. I was lucky enough this time to use my experience of JTLM on a project that was already advanced; so without the risk of the first time around! I was also delighted to place this with Kaleidoscope, the company that shared my passion for Journey to Le Mans, and with them help shape the final edit. The Gentleman Driver is a wonderful insight into the sport and the characters behind it. Those who can – watch it now, you wont be disappointed!’

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Published: 07/11/2018

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