Whiteboard Animation – The perfect tool for engagement!

Whiteboard animation video by Branded Video Production

Whiteboard animation videos are a type of explainer video that are proving extremely successful in terms of customer engagement.

The team at Branded Video Production are specialists in understanding your business’ requirement for video – our animation team are the experts that bring this to life! The diverse team are in the unique position of having many years in marketing and  video production world under the belts, therefore they can help you achieve a finished product that meets your creative and commercial requirements.

Below is a lovely example of the higher end whiteboard videos we can create. This one was completely hand drawn by our talented animators for our client Digicorp.

We also had a great time making an explainer video for a new kind of Smart Door Technology from Mikadan.

The team at Branded also had the pleasure of working PRC Steamline and creating an amazing 2D animation for their taxi company.

Benefits of whiteboard animation

Whiteboard animation videos boast an array of benefits for your business. Firstly, video content on your website will not only engage your visitors but also boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) performance. For instance, by embedding a video on your business’ landing page you can increase conversions by in excess of 80%! The landing page will also be more visible to search engines such as Google, consequently increasing your organic ranking.

Secondly, video content on social media channels is a proven way to boost engagement from your audience – and even boost your following! For example, social video posts generate 1200% more shares than posts that simply consist of text and images. Why? Because videos, especially whiteboard animations, are digital storytellers. This means that your consumers will take an interest, feel a connection with your brand and ultimately engage with you.

Aside from the above, whiteboard animations offer more obvious benefits such as:

Professional quality look

• Simplicity of message delivery

• Provides a video you can use for a long period of time – meaning great value!

• The opportunity to create a unique bespoke branded video

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Published: 28/11/2018

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