Amber Kelly joins the team

Branded welcome Video Editor Amber Kelly

We are excited to announce Amber Kelly joins the Branded team. After looking at many applicants, Amber stood out with her strong skills in editing as well as her passion for the media industry. Upon meeting and seeing her talk passionately about the previous work she created, it was certainly clear she was talented and focussed.

Amber Kelly Video Editor Bournemouth

As Branded Studios undergo major growth in 2019, we are excited to add Amber to our team of in-house experts in video production. Amber will have her very own edit suite as part of our refurbishment. Our studios will include; three edit suites, sound studio, video and photo studio and even greenscreen room!

Amber’s bio

Since childhood, Amber has had a passion for the media industry; including television & film. Her creative inspiration originated from watching behind the scenes footage and studying how the industry works. Amber attended¬†Brockenhurst college between 2013 and 2016. She won ‘Best Animation’ for her editing work. Amber started her new role as Video Editor with Branded in January 2019. She jumped straight into the role, with creative passion and a keen eye for detail.

In her first two weeks she has already worked on a variety of projects for many of Branded’s clients. Her tasks have included various animation techniques, editing live-action interview footage and creating stunning graphics and overlays for a series of short videos.

As well as her established skills in Adobe Premiere and After Effects, Amber has learned very quickly to use an array of new software.

Charlotte Fantelli, Owner of Branded Studios says; ‘It really is a pleasure having Amber as part of our team. She is very talented and extremely capable, while her can-do attitude is a delight. I can see big things for Amber, she will go very far in the industry and I feel privileged it is as part of our business.’

Joining Branded

Amber says “Working at Branded is a dream come true. Joining this growing company is exciting in so many ways. It allows me to be creative and productive within an amazing team. This isn’t just a job for me, it’s my hobby and passion in life.” Furthermore Amber adds “Collaborating with the Branded team, with incredible support is such a joy.”

It’s a real pleasure to welcome onboard such a delightful positive person and one who is proud of the work she executes. Amber is full of creative inspiration and love for all aspects of video production.

Welcome to Branded Amber!

To work with the lovely Amber or any of our creative team, please contact us here or call 01202 476875.

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Published: 01/02/2019

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