Branded are proud to tell Jane’s story

Branded are proud to tell Jane’s story

Branded proudly present Jane’s story. A life-affirming story of one courageous lady, who with the help of some special people, including charity BCHA, turned her life around; from drug and alcohol addiction and prostitution, to a contented, sober lady who inspires others with her writing, drama and life story.

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BCHA’s bchangemakers – Jane from Branded Video on Vimeo.

Recently, we were asked to become involved with BCHA, a local Bournemouth charity committed to helping people in need; this includes people with addiction, mental health issues, the homeless and vulnerable. See what BCHA do here:

Their campaign ‘bchangemakers’ celebrates the charity’s 50 year history by telling 50 stories over 52 weeks, showcasing the stories of some of those they have helped over they history.

After a childhood and young adult life peppered with drink, drugs and some troubles, Jan managed to keep a handle on things, until tragedy struck hard. After Jane’s husband committed suicide in front of her, she turned further to drink and drugs in order to cope.

Drug addiction took hold and Jane ended up prostituting herself to feed this. Until one day when her mental and physical health deteriorated so much, she was taken into hospital where she found herself in a coma and on life support.

Jane hit rock bottom and she had two choices. She chose to live, she chose to fight her addictions and courageously worked towards a sober life. She went into a dry house to help get sober, and this is where BCHA found her and offered her a home. She has never looked back.

Jane has now been sober for almost 11 years, and has found her voice in writing and performing.

In this film we see how BCHA offers vital support to those in need, and the strength and courage of Jane herself to fight back from the devastating position she found herself in.

Charlotte Fantelli says; ‘Jane’s story touched me deeply. You can see in her eyes the depth of despair she has seen and yet she was able to find the fighting spirit to get through and furthermore, to use her experiences to help others.’

‘I had a team of people waiting for the footage to edit when I had filmed with Jane and yet I couldn’t part with it. I sat day and night editing it myself until it was right. I felt such a connection with Jane and her words I just didn’t want anyone else interpreting what I was honoured to capture.’

‘I am so very proud to be a part of this project and urge anyone who can, to support the wonderful work of BCHA’

Please watch Jane’s story and if you yourself are struggling with any of these issues know there is hope. Please share with others to inspire them also and tell this amazing lady’s story, and that of the charity that helped her.

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Published: 09/08/2018

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