Branded Welcomes Resident Photographer Paul Griffiths

Let Branded take care of every aspect of your shoot

As well as a wealth of talented freelancers who call our studios home, we now have our very own, incredibly talented photographer Paul Griffiths on hand to take care of your photography needs.

Here are some great examples of Paul’s work:


An experienced Portrait photographer, Paul has photographed in a variety of settings, many of these examples have been taken at Branded Studios.


Portrait Photography





Artistic flare comes into a lot of Paul’s work, and shines through a lot of food photography. Creating gorgeous works of art with delicious food.



With a keen eye for detail, Paul is able to take stunning photographs of jewellery; ranging from earrings, to necklaces. Using artistic backdrops to really bring alive the products.











Paul Griffiths has a range of camera equipment and lens to capture our world’s more incredible landscapes.







As well as a wide range of corporate based photography, Paul also has a lot of artistic photography from his own creative talent.









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Published: 16/12/2019

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