Charlotte Fantelli Talks to CIOB

Charlotte Fantelli talks to The Chartered Institute of Building about 3D photography

Charlotte has been invited to speak tonight (20th June 2018) at an event for the COIB, held at AFC Bournemouth. Designed to let the key players in the construction industry understand the role of key technologies in the construction sector.

3D construction

With a talk around the value of 3D scanning in construction, Charlotte aims to showcase the very latest in 3D technology including interior and exterior scanning that combine to create totally immersive and accurately scaled environments. Putting the real world in the virtual world.

She will show how the use of 3D technology can help teams share and collaborate seamlessly in the cloud. Also to explain how this (and our other services such as timelapse filming and live action videography) can be used to showcase and market construction services in both the B2B and B2C scenarios.

Also how 3D scanning through Branded can cut the construction documentation and collaboration process time, thus the costs of a project considerably and allow for detailed documentation for use in the maintenance and insurance processes.

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Published: 20/06/2018

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