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Professional quality video content captures audiences in seconds. It is true that a picture paints 1000 words and with captivating video, produced by our corporate video production experts, your business can engage with your customers in ways no other medium would allow.

With over 20 years experience in marketing, our expert team have stayed ahead of the trends and understand exactly why and how video content can take your business to the next level. Now more than ever in the digital age, where search engines and website conversions rely heavily on creative content, it is essential your strategy includes video.

Scripting, producing, editing and everything in between, here are just some of the services we offer corporate clients:

  • TV adverting
  • 3D interactive photography solutions
  • Showreel creation
  • Music videos
  • Information and training videos
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Professional voiceover services
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Explainer and ‘how to’ videos
  • Video reviews
  • 2d and 3d animations
  • Video content for website and digital marketing
  • News and event coverage
  • Educational videos
  • Actors, interviewees and celebrities
  • Estate agency videos
  • Drone and ariel footage
  • Timelapse filming
  • Branded content for television and film

Any video you may need for yourself, your brand or your product, we have you covered. Whether you need a simple showreel or explainer video, or are even looking to expand your brand on television, we can help you.

Get your business BRANDED.

Some examples of our work

Here you will find some of our recent work. Every video we create is tailored to the exact needs of our clients. We take pride in getting to know how your content will be used and what you need from it. From here we can best advise and create the perfect package for you.  Please see some examples below.

Great Value Explainer video

Our simplest explainer videos cost from just £600+VAT per 60 seconds. As well as our hand drawn bespoke creations for large corporate clients, we have a secret weapon for small businesses! We have a bank of tens of thousands of template images we can customise to create an affordable and great value explainer video for your needs. We have three levels of explainer video service to suit all budgets; ‘value’, ‘semi-bespoke’ and ‘fully bespoke’.

Here is an example of our ‘semi bespoke package’ for our client IDentilam:

Our ‘semi bespoke’ videos cost from just £900+VAT per 60 seconds. This package takes the best of our template items, while creating some bespoke element to achieve the perfect explainer video for the client.

Here is an example of a ‘value package’ explainer video:


Hand drawn animation and explainer videos

Here is an example of our excellent value 100% bespoke packages. This lovely explainer video for S V Tile Solutions cost £1200+VAT per minute and was completely hand illustrated from scratch, allowing us and the client complete flexibility and control to achieve a unique and very special result.

Whiteboard video

Similar to our expainer video packages, we have three levels of whiteboard video packages to suit all budgets. Whiteboard videos are a great way to simplify complex explainers and engage with your audience.

The whiteboard can be as simple or as complex as the client requires or budget allows. Below is a lovely example of the higher end whiteboard videos we can create. This one was completely hand drawn by our talented animators for our client Digicorp.

See further information on explainer videos.

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TV advertising for small to medium sized businesses

If your business is considering television advertising, never has there been a more affordable, or targeted way of doing this. From Sky AdSmart to ITV regional advertising options, your SME can reach targeted or local audiences like never before.

We can work with you from script to production, from postproduction to compliance and channel clearance. We work with Sky, ITV, Channel 4 (and other channels) directly to get you the very best prices. In addition, We also have large agency affiliations which allow us to bulk buy ad spaces and sell to our clients at reduced rates should this suit their campaign needs.

Here is an example of a very cost effective advert for one of our clients; PRC Streamline. Includes; bespoke animation, voice over, editing, music rights ownership, channel compliance and clearance. Production packages like this from £1500+VAT.


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3D interactive experiences

Using cutting edge 3D scanning, we can take your business in the real world and recreate it in the virtual world. Allow visitors to ‘walk around’ your business and interact; see menus, book tables and rooms, even buy items they see in front of them directly.

Our expert 3D maestro Roger was one of the first Matterport partners in the country and therefore brings vast amounts of knowledge with him. We can even embed these directly in Google My Business for you. Here is an example of what we can offer:

Find out more about our 3D interactive experiences

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Corporate Video Production – sales videos, training videos and more

Whether you want to communicate with staff or customers, we have the solutions for your business. Every organisation has to communicate key messages with its employees and the public, and what better medium than video.

Whether you need to present a health and safety video or you have a product demonstration; perhaps you need customer testimonials or reviews to film? Or maybe you just want to introduce your people on your website and let your customers put friendly faces to your corporate name. Whatever your needs our corporate video production  experts can advise and create the solution for your business. Here is a simple franchise presentation video we created for one of our clients.


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Animated logos

Our team can cover much more than corporate video production. For instance, they can create an excellent brand intro with our animated logo service.  We can take your logo and make something EPIC! From 2d – 3d animations, from playful to cinematic, we can create an intro to remember.

Animated logos can be used to capture your audience immediately. Also, they can be used as the intro to your corporate videos for that professional cinematic feel. Ultimately, animated logos are n impressive sign of professionalism which will engage your audience.

From just £300+VAT for work from our bank of customisable intros, to over £3000+VAT for our hand drawn designed from scratch, 3D ‘bells and whistles’ service. In other words, we have something to suit every budget!

Here are just a few examples of some epic intro options and ideas.

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Music videos, showreels and specialist camera operations

Our Corporate Video Production team work with businesses and individuals, charities and artists. In short, the team are passionate about providing engaging content to anyone who is looking for a medium that will help them succeed. Our years in TV, Film and marketing allow us to fulfil the creative needs of individuals and organisations alike.

Please see our full showreel here to see what other wonderful and exciting video options we can offer you. From timelapse to underwater, from high speed to slow motion, we have your business video needs covered.

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