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Here at Branded, our mission is to provide brand worthy content that engages with audiences and communicates key messages creatively. We believe that an explainer video is an incredible way of doing just that for businesses!

Our experts are able to deal with all aspects of production. We can deal with storyboarding and initial planning, through to editing and post production work.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss how explainer videos could work for you on 01202 476 875. Alternatively, send us an email enquiry.

Examples of Explainer Videos

The above video is from our clients PRC Streamline Taxi App.

Above is an example of our ‘simple package’ explainer video

The above video is an example of our ‘semi bespoke package’ for our client IDentilam.

The above video is an example of our ‘bespoke package’ explainer, for our client SV Tile Solutions

Above is an example of our explainer video for Mikadan.


Types of Explainer Videos

The whiteboard can be as simple or as complex as the client requires or budget allows.
Below is a lovely example of the higher end whiteboard videos we can create. This one was completely hand drawn by our talented animators.

Explainer videos can vary both in terms of the way in which they are produced and their visual style.

Firstly, before production begins it will be decided whether your brief requires a ‘simple’ or ‘bespoke’ explainer video. A ‘simple’ explainers involves animation graphics that we already possess on our inhouse database. On the other hand, a ‘bespoke’ explainer requires hand drawn animations to meet the brief’s requirements.

Secondly, explainer videos can vary in style. The style of your explainer will vary based on your company’s brand, the message of the video and personal taste. Examples of styles we offer include; Infographics, cartoon, contemporary animation and industrial – plus many more styles!

The benefits of explainer videos

It is evident that consumers prefer video content to standard image and text. For instance, including an explainer video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%! Furthermore, social video generates 1200% more shares than posts that simply combine text and imagery! There are several reasons behind this, for example:

Clarity – Sometimes explaining a full service can be difficult and complex by just using text. Explainer videos are unique in the fact that they offer visual, text and audio aspects. Therefore, communicating an informative but clear message to consumers.

Ease – Explainer videos delivery the entirety of the message you want your customers to know in one medium.

Engaging – An explainer video is a guaranteed way to grab the attention of your consumers. They will almost certainly tire of text that they can see anywhere else on the web. Whereas an eye-catching video will capture and keep attention far longer.

Trustworthy – Communication between your business and consumers is a 2-way dialogue that shows both are investing time and effort into building aa relationship. Explainer videos are your way of communicating your message to your consumer base in a professional and informed manner. Therefore, your consumers see you as experts and a level of trust is built.

Our Prices

At Branded, we aim to make video content accessibly to everybody. As a result, we pride ourselves on keeping our prices competitive. We also highly regard the importance of being upfront and honest – therefore we never hide any additional charges!

Our ‘simple’ explainer video packages start at £600+VAT per minute

Our ‘semi-bespoke’ explainer videos packages start at £900+VAT per minute

Additionally, our ‘fully bespoke’ and ‘hand drawn’ explainer packages start at £1200+VAT per minute

These prices are fully inclusive of our whole service during the explainer project.


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