Branded Video Production at MIPCOM 2018


Our Managing Director, Charlotte Fantelli, attended the Cannes TV Festival ‘MIPCOM’ this month. She arrived in Cannes with a slate of 7 television shows and formats. These projects included:

  • Genesis; Branded’s pioneering psychological series with supernatural undertones (to rival GoT)
  • An observational documentary
  • A sports documentary
  • A series of social documentaries
  • A music documentary with legendary musicians attached
  • A second TV Drama
  • Britain’s Most Inspirational Children

MIPCOM 2018 conference entrance

All of the above projects were well received. We had strong offers for four of the formats, including some very big industry name interest in Genesis. As a result, we are foreseeing that Genesis will be entering preproduction by January.

Charlotte met with Warner Bros, ITV, A+E networks, Netflix and Red Arrow Studios to name just a few.

Warner Bros MIPCOM event
Charlotte says “I have had projects of mine represented at MIPCOM since 2013, but this is my first time at the market myself. It totally exceeded all my expectations. Professionally I was blown away by the offers on the table and deals being done. Personally I felt like a child at Disneyland, surrounded by the world’s most creative talent and industry leaders. Consequently, it is not hard to see that MIP really is a place where lives are changed and dreams are made.”

She adds “I look forward to releasing information about Genesis and of course the other formats we sold at the market, very soon. I would also like to extend my thanks to Michelle Osterloh who acted as friend, travel companion, photographer and tireless PA for the trip.”

Category: Television
Published: 25/10/2018

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